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Crafting Amazing Sounds with Modern Guitar Amp/Cab Modeling

Speaker: David Miller, Mark Miller

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Amplifying guitars in church can be problematic. Many electric guitarists prefer the warm tone of a tube amp. However, in order to get that tone it requires turning up the volume louder than is often permitted. This session will cover modern amp and cabinet modeling to achieve that sweet tone everyone wants but in a way that compliments the morning worship.

We will specifically be comparing and demoing the "Universal Audio Ox" and the "Line 6 Helix". We will cover the pros and cons, best use cases, and how they can integration with your current gear.

Who would especially enjoy this?

If you are a guitarist then you don't want to miss this. Whether you play electric or acoustic, prefer anolog or digital, or are old school or new school there will be something you find useful.

Speaker Background:

Dave Miller has been involved in music for most of his life. He is a skilled electric guitarist with a vast knowledge of equipment and how to get the best tone out of an electric guitar. He has spent many years playing on his church's worship team and currently he is recording new music with his band Time Horizon

Mark Miller (no relation to Dave) is the Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Lodi, but prior to ministry he received his Bachelor of Music in classical guitar. These days he plays acoustic and electric with the worship team on Sundays.

Navigating Music in a Multi-generational/cultural church

Speaker: Daryl Black

Our cultural contexts for planning and leading worship are ever-changing and demand wisdom and guidance as we seek to be faithful to God and pastoral to our church/communities. This session will introduce the framework to worship leaders on how to choose, integrate, and teach music in a multi -generational/cultural church.

Who would especially enjoy this?

The ideal candidate for this sessions is a current Worship leader/pastor, senior leader, or a leader in training.

Speaker Background:

I've had the pleasure of leading worship in multi-cultural/generational churches, all across the country and internationally, for more than 25 years; Everything from church plants to mega churches. Leading and teaching worship to leaders and congregants is both a calling and a passion, and it would be an honor to teach at your event. I am humbly devoted to encourage, equip, and empower leaders for effective ministry.  I am currently the Worship/Teaching Pastor at Bear Creek Church in Lodi. I am a trained multi-instrumentalist, singer- songwriter, and artist, with a passion for the Word of God.

I teach on multiple topics in the area of Worship, Leadership, Musicianship, Creativity, and Relationships.

Please feel free to pick from any of my current topics, or let me know how I can best serve you.

Basics of Sound and Mixing

Speaker: Don A. Eddy Jr

Instruction is gain structure, compression, EQ, balance and Effects. Use of microphones and basics of use with general church sound equipment.

Who would especially enjoy this?

Someone who is interested and motivated to take notes and study in follow-up after the session. This could be most beneficial for those who have questions that are already assisting, struggling or mixing but need some questions answered.

Speaker Background:

Professional freelance mix engineer. 20yrs experience.

Graduated from the Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences; 

Acts worked with include: Jeremy Camp, Something like Silas, Craig Chaquico, George Thorogood, Kelly Pickler, X Ambassadors, Marshall Tucker Band, Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Rachel Price, countless Coverbands as well as the 2014 Bluegrass festival in Lodi, 8 Years as head engineer at Hutchins Street Square and Freelance work for CEO’s of Netflix and Genentech and many others.

Worship Songwriting

Speaker: David Watson

This session is for anyone interested in christian songwriting or worship songwriting. We will be covering a few simple ways to improve lyrics such as; One Big Idea, Song Mapping, and Word Clusters. If time allows I would also like to do a group co-writing exercise that will allow them to explore their new skills and begin learning how to write with others.

Who would especially enjoy this?

The ideal attendee would be worship leaders who want to start writing worship songs inspired by their congregation.

Speaker Background:

I have been leading worship and writing songs since I was 16, I have written over 300 songs, have mentored under John Chisum ( Formerly Integrity Music Publisher ) & Robert Till at Nashville Christian Songwriters, and Marty Dodson ( Written for Taylor Swift, Plain White T's, and many others ). I am currently working on 3 songs with Jesus Culture guitar player and producer Jeffrey Kunde which I plan to release later this year.

In-ear Monitoring and Backing Tracks on a Budget

Speaker: Mark Miller

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Interested in doing In-Ear Monitors with a click track to keep the band in perfect time? Feel like it's too complicated or costly? Actually it can be quite simple to do even without a budget for professional tools like Ableton Live.

Who would especially enjoy this?

If you are a sound person, musician, or leader that wants to figure out how to improve the consistency of your worship team without pouring thousands of dollars into it then this is for you.

Speaker Background:

I'm the Pastor of Cornerstone Church and play with one of our 2 worship teams. We had less than a $1,000 budgeted to not only get a new mixer but also in-ears for everyone. I'll show you how we did it.

I also create backing tracks and click tracks for our songs so that our team stays in time together.

The Heart of Worship/Vocal Training

Speaker: Kate Butler

In this session, you will learn what worship is, why we worship, and how to become a great worship leader no matter the position or instrument you play. I will share my own personal journey in becoming a worship leader and will cover the importance of being a vocalist/back up singer.

This session will include simple and basic vocal training, listening to each other on stage and what it takes to become a great worship leader. Worship isn’t just about singing or playing music, it’s about your heart posture for loving and serving Jesus. I want the attendees to learn the true meaning of worship and how they can advance their worship skills no matter the role.

Who would especially enjoy this?

Vocalists and anyone who wants to know the meaning of worship.

Speaker Background:

Advanced in skills as a vocalist and worship leader.