About the Conference

Saturday, February 22, 2020 in Lodi

Ever wanted to go to one of the big worship conferences? Wanted to take your entire worship team? Great idea, but adding up the price of flying everyone to Los Angeles or Nashville, registration fees, hotels costs, and taking several days away from work and family just isn't realistic for many churches.

What if there was a worship conference in your backyard that the whole team could go to in a single day for free?

Done! Welcome to the Encore Worship Conference in Lodi CA.


What is the purpose?
To bring together worship teams from around the Lodi area to learn, network, and improve our skills in leading others in worship.
Who is this conference for?
  • Worship leaders
  • Team members
  • Pastors hoping to improve their church’s music
  • Musicians in the church
  • Choirs & directors
  • Anyone interested in the musical aspect of worship in church
  • Vendors who have services to offer churches (sound engineers, music stores, teachers, etc)
  • Local community
  • Anyone willing to travel to Lodi from another city
  • Likely you since you're reading this now
Where is it located?

First Baptist Church has generously allowed us to use their facilities.

First Baptist Church
267 N Mills Ave,
Lodi CA 95242

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How much does it cost?
It's FREE!!!. This should be accessible to anyone regardless of church budget or size. However, you are welcome to give a small donation to cover the cost of the lunch provided.
Will lunch be provided?
Yes. Everyone is encouraged to stay for lunch to get to know others and continue discussions. You are more than welcome to throw a donation toward the cost of your lunch.
Is there a schedule?
Yes, it's coming soon. We'll post it as sessions are finalized.
Who are the speakers?
Unlike big conferences, this conference is all about the local community. Speakers are simply people from our area's local churches who have submitted sessions to speak. In fact, if you feel you have some knowledge to share then you should consider submitting a session on your topic of choice.
Will anyone famous be coming to perform?
Nope. That's not the point. It's not a concert. It's about learning, sharing knowledge, and meeting others.
Is this organized by a specific denomination or church?
Multiple churches in Lodi from various denominations are organizing the conference. This is not meant to be a theological conference but one more about the technical and practical sides of leading worship in our churches.